captaingeek (captaingeek) wrote,

Poor planning on your part does not constitute and emergency on my part..

Tuesday night at 8 PM, a customer comes in looking for 2500 square feet of tile. But the tile he wants is on clearance. All the Home Depots in the STATE do not have enough to fill the order. And he wants it shipped to St. Louis MO by Friday afternoon.

I talk him into another tile. Send the order to the Bid Room to get another price. I'm off Wednesday so I leave notes int he system for various people to follow up, including our Operations Assisstant Store Manager.

When I come in Thursday, we've got a good price. Everything is set witht eh vendor to drop ship it from their warehouse in Texas to the jobsite. All we need is for the order to be paid for. At 230 PM, I'm scrambling to get this all finalized. I have to call the guy who's got the corporate credit card. He hasn't even seen the tile. He goes to the HD website, see's the tile and approves the payment. Everything is set ot go by 3 PM. Everyone's happy. Big order. Lots of money for store. Everyone looks good.

FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER, the guy with the credit card calls me. HIS boss cancels the order. I call the vendor to stop the shipment. I let management know the order is canceled. I think about hunting this guy down and slowly torturing him. At this point, we tell them that there is no way we can get that much tile delivered in that short a time. No one can. Unless they have a warehouse full of tile next door to the jobsite.

From the address, we figure this was an office complex that wanted to get the tile installed over a weekend when it wouldn't disrupt operations. I'm thinking, "Well, Hell, then why didn't you start looking for tile weeks ago so you could have everything arranged before hand and wouldn't have to scramble, and have us scramble, to get things done."

And what gets me is that just about anyone else would have added charges to the order for the inconvenience of the rush. The vendor added charges for the rush delivery, but we did NOT pass those on to the customer.

Just about any other tile place would have.
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